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Forenizence Limited is a PostgreSQL database consultancy firm and managed service provider. We provide fully managed enterprise-grade PostgreSQL services. Besides, we also provide customized data analytics, data science, business intelligence solutions, and other software and application development affiliated with the database.

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About us

First PostgreSQL
service provider
in Bangladesh

Forenizence Limited is primarily a PostgreSQL database consultancy firm and managed service provider. We provide fully managed enterprise-grade PostgreSQL services . We are the first company in Bangladesh to provide PostgreSQL professional services. Our strength is our knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced team.

PostgreSQL is already an efficient DBMS, and we have managed to make it even better. We can meet every database requirement by PostgreSQL and keep it running with the best and latest industry standards. We simplify the task of PostgreSQL deployment, migration, configuration, tuning, optimization, upgradation, maintenance, and support by using proven methodologies and the highest security practices. Our security policies comply with highly regulated sectors like finance.

We tailor every solution to completely fulfill clients' operational, technical, and infrastructural requirements. Besides, we provide application development advice to our clients for better database integration.

Board of Directors

Shaikh Shahriar Hassan
Shaikh Shahriar Hassan


Managing Director


Our services

Enhanced PostgreSQL managed services

Database is at the core of every technological system, so better database performance impacts every layer of the system and improves the performance of the overall system. Our services are based on open-source PostgreSQL with added enterprise features. To provide better PostgreSQL services we have developed self-built products and tools.


PostgreSQL deployment

Database deployment is the primary step among all database related services. It is essential to design and deploy the database perfectly.
PostgreSQL deployment


Oracle to PostgreSQL migration

Migrating from one database to another is a complex, multiphase, time-consuming, and sensitive task. It is more than just copying and pasting data.
Oracle to PostgreSQL migration


PostgreSQL monitoring

We provide database monitoring service through our robust monitoring tool named Forenizence PostgreSQL Monitor.
PostgreSQL monitoring


PostgreSQL health checkup

A poorly performing database directly impacts the overall productivity of a company. We examine every aspect of the database.
PostgreSQL health checkup


PostgreSQL performance analysis & tuning

Database performance depends on a collection of things. Over time as the size of the database grows, performance may degrade, slowing down applications.
PostgreSQL performance analysis & tuning


PostgreSQL backup/replication & recovery

We provide a complete enterprise-grade backup system with zero data loss and corruption. We design, deploy, configure, synchronize, manage, monitor.
PostgreSQL backup/replication & recovery


PostgreSQL advanced security checkup

Security is a significant issue for the database as data loss or information leakage is a serious issue for any business. Multiple complex techniques are involved to ensure.
PostgreSQL advanced security checkup
Why choose us

Forenizence is the better choice

Forenizence Limited can make a major difference to any company as a PostgreSQL managed service provider. We are committed to providing maximum database performance with minimum stress to our clients. We keep ourselves updated with new emerging technologies and ever-changing database requirements. There are many reasons why clients choose us over others.

Experienced team

An experienced team is essential for providing excellent database managed service. Our experienced support team can hand...

Better database design

It is essential to design the database perfectly from the very beginning for better performance. A well-designed databas...

Better managed service

We provide comprehensive managed service. We effectively handle every PostgreSQL management task including but not limit...

Better data compression

Higher database performance depends on better data compression. We compress data by restructuring or encoding the origin...

Advanced security

Database security is a challenging task as new threats are always emerging. We protect the data in the database, its ass...

Task automation

We automate database routine tasks like provisioning, monitoring, server maintenance, upgrading, backup, failover, recov...

Scheduled updates

We can update any PostgreSQL version to its latest version. We apply patches and minor updates automatically. For major ...

Hardware consultancy

We recommend hardware based on its performance and client’s requirements. So, that clients do not spend unnecessary mone...

Cloud consultancy

Cloud storage stores, manages, maintains, and secures data remotely. In recent times, cloud storage of database is quite...

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Forenizence Limited provides PostgreSQL deployment, migration, monitoring, health checkup, configuration, performance tuning, optimization, upgradation, maintenance, backup, recovery, and support.