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Forenizence can make a major difference to any company as a PostgreSQL managed service provider. We are committed to providing maximum database performance with minimum stress to our clients. We keep ourselves updated with new emerging technologies and ever-changing database requirements. We encapsulate everything from deployment or migration to managing PostgreSQL with the most advanced security. There are many reasons why clients choose us over others.

Experienced team

An experienced team is essential for providing excellent database managed service

Better PostgreSQL design

It is essential to design the database perfectly from the very beginning for better performance. A well-designed database is easier to maintain and administer.

Better PostgreSQL managed service

With comprehensive managed service clients can get the maximum database performance with minimum stress. We provide the expertise, strategies, and support for PostgreSQL management by

Better data compression

Companies produce huge data these days. Data compression bridges the gap between these data and expensive storage.

Advanced PostgreSQL security

Database security is a challenging task as new threats are always emerging. We protect the data in the database, its associated applications, and the network connections used to access the database.

Task automation

We automate database routine tasks like provisioning, monitoring, server maintenance, upgrading, backup, failover, recovery, scaling, load balancing, health checkup, and troubleshooting

Scheduled updates without interruption

We provide database upgradation service. We can update any PostgreSQL version to its latest version

Simplified GUI of monitoring tool

We make database monitoring easy by providing a simple, clear, concise, intuitive, organized, attractive, easily navigable, and user- friendly GUI of the monitor tool

Hardware selection consultancy & configuration

Expensive does not always mean better. We recommend hardware based on its performance and client’s requirements. So, that clients do not spend unnecessary money on hardware purchase that they will never require

Cloud storage consultancy

Secure and reliable storage is an obligation for every database. Cloud storage stores, manages, maintains, and secures data remotely

Customize Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

Data analysis extracts maximum value from data and converts data into a meaningful and productive asset. We customize Data Analysis and Business Intelligence software according to our client’s requirements

24 x 7 x 365 support

Our expert team is committed to solving issues immediately in the moment of crisis and ensuring that the database is operating at its peak

No vendor lock-in

PostgreSQL and Forenizence do not let clients to depend on a specific vendor for database solutions. Clients can change their managed service providers whenever they want.

Flexible SLA

Every customer is unique and has distinctly different PostgreSQL requirements, so is our Service Level Agreement (SLA). It outlines the full depth and breadth of the services that our clients will receive.

Significant cost savings

We provide PostgreSQL managed services perfectly at a very reasonable price and the price is much less than any other preparatory DBMS. Our pricing model is based on the time, resources, and services offered

Transparent billing

Billing transparency is very essential in case of any digital service

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What we thirve for !

We serve as an extension or replacement to our clients' internal DBA team. We completely remove the DBMS stress and leave our clients free to focus on core business development. Besides, we provide application development advice to our clients for better database integration. We also provide data analytics, data science, and business intelligence solutions to turn every data into a more meaningful and productive asset.

  • Our greatest strength is our knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced team.
  • Planning capacity based on application workload, resource consumption, and future growth.
  • Deploying or migrating from any proprietary DBMS to PostgreSQL faster and without data loss
  • Creating a robust environment by implementing industry-leading security protocols with high standard coding.
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We are happily and efficiently serving clients from various industries across the globe.

Chung Hua Aluminium Industry Limited

Oracle to PostgreSQL migration, PostgreSQL managed service for ERP and BI.

Suvarnagrama Amusement Park and Resort Limited

PostgreSQL managed service for guest database management.

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    Letting agencies are unregulated. They charge a search fee, which in some cases can run into several hundred pounds, but the search consists of no more than checking through a computer database to see whether they have any properties for that person.
    - Jeremy Corbin
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    In order for any smartphone manufacturer to decrypt the data on your phone, it has to hold onto a secret that lets it get that access. And that secret or that database of secrets becomes an extremely valuable and useful target for intelligence agencies.
    - Matt Blaze
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    In order to have a decentralised database, you need to have security. In order to have security, you need to - you need to have incentives.
    - Vitalik Buterin
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    A distributed ledger is basically a shared database that allows institutions to directly send and receive money in a trustworthy fashion without a middleman. As a result, we have the capacity to connect the world's payment systems for the first time.That's a big deal.
    - Chris Larsen

Available services

Wide variety of services cator for your buisness

Data Migration tool

Migrate from Oracle,Mysql,Csv to PostgreSQL

Replication And Backup

Industry graded replication and backup service to ensure zero data loss.

Performance Monitoring

Monitoring you activities and stats.

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